History (2R7X)

Through history, pupils come to understand their place in the world, and in the long story of human development. The study of history challenges pupils to make sense of the striking similarities and vast differences in human experiences across time and place

The study of history can bring pupils into a rich dialogue with the past and with the traditions of historical enquiry. The past and changing accounts of the past have shaped the identities of diverse people, groups and nations.

School history also shows pupils how accounts of the past arise and are constructed. Pupils learn how evidence for a claim can be constituted and the conditions under which valid claims can be made. They learn how historians and others construct accounts about the past, building on and challenging or refining the work of others. Pupils learn how argument and debate can be underpinned by shared principles of enquiry, and how this can drive and test new knowledge and insight about shared pasts. Ofsted Curriculum Review Series (2021)

The History training curriculum is designed to deliver high quality teaching in any school context. It provides you with the best available evidence as well as practical support as you begin to develop your skills as a History specialist.

The curriculum is designed to extend your interest, knowledge and confidence in History as a subject within the curriculum and to extend your development of an analytical and critical attitude towards the teaching and learning of History.

In order to become an effective classroom teacher, trainees must be able to critically and realistically evaluate their own work, listen to the advice of others, and ensure progress through continuous reflection. The development of these skills runs through the entire course.


Courses can fill up at any time, so you should apply as soon as you can.

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