Why Become a Partner School?

At Pioneers Partnership SCITT we recognise the invaluable contribution of our schools and wider partnerships in the development of trainee teachers.

If you are interested in becoming a partner school or would like more information, please use our contact page at Contact | Pioneers Partnership (greatacademies.co.uk)

Why choose us as your ITT provider?

  • A high quality, evidence-based curriculum which fully prepares trainees to embark on
    their career in teaching
  • Access to up to date subject networks and materials to support your school’s ongoing curriculum development
  • Free, high quality mentor training for all staff
  • A dedicated, visible SCITT team on hand to support your mentor teams
  • Support from Subject Tutors and their networks/professional associations giving your departments access to the most current educational research
  • Free access to NASBTT and BlueSky Learning’s suite of Teacher Educator Resources
  • Free access to NASBTT’s subject network resources
  • The opportunity to shape our curriculum by joining our SCITT advisory groups
  • A continuous focus on reducing unnecessary workload and protecting well being